What to do now during quarantine / LOCK DOWN

There’s a global crisis of viruses vs. the humans (aka COVID19 / Chinese Communist Party or regime Virus) . It mostly would have originated in Bats.

1.Android Development

Start doing Android development using android studio if you have a desktop / workstation / laptop / tablet pc

If you don’t know how , then first step is to now how to use constraint layout . second step is to buy a course from udemy at https://udemy.com and the the third step is to download android studio from https://developer.android.com/studio

2.Play some Games

you can play a lot of games if you have a computer , phone or a tablet

3.Make some art or crafts

Making arts and crafts is fun , to pass some time .You can make paper planes, origami, and many more.

Anyway , thanks for visiting my website.

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